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goddessians's Journal

Children of the Goddess
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Goddessian: a path of devotion to the Goddess outside the framework of witchcraft and Wicca.

photo credit: Rebecca Guay

i decided to make this community due to my dissatisfaction with most of the livejournal communities i have found relating to the Goddess. They are either inactive, unmoderated (which usually either ends up spammed or off topic), or only for specific topics.
i wanted to create a community where discussions could be had without anyone getting judgmental or preachy. and also a place where men would be welcome and not be turned away simply based on their gender.

the goal of this community is to be a space on livejournal where the Goddess could be discussed peacefully and intelligently.

what i would like to see discussed here is perhaps Goddess identifications, rituals, poetry, photography that inspires the beauty and power of the Goddess, songs, articles, book/movie reviews/recommendations, or personal experiences with the Goddess.
i am also not opposed to artists advertising any products relating to the Goddess as well, to a degree.

there are two sister communities to this site:
goddess_art: a livejournal community dedicated solely to artwork depicting the Goddess.
viva_gaia_feed: a feed to a blog i created pertaining to environmental conservation & animal/human rights - topics i personally find have everything to do with the Goddess, since we are Her creations as as this world we live in and need to protect.

i only have a few rules regarding this community.
the first is be respectful. i will not tolerate any rudeness in any form. it is okay to disagree, and debate in a friendly manner. but there will be no attacking or drama here.
the first signs i see of someone unable to follow this rule will be removed immediately.
also, posting will be moderated to ensure posts stay on topic.

any questions can be sent to my personal e-mail address: angelicque@gmail.com