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July 29th, 2009

02:44 pm - Tarot Readings!
like a lot of people living in the recession, i am currently out of work.
i have been trying to figure out ways to make an income until i am able to find a job, and it seems i have found my calling.

i have been practicing tarot with various decks for over 10 years now, roughly since i was 16 (i am 28 currently). throughout the years, i have received positive feedback for my readings.
i know a lot of people charge for readings, and some charge pretty outrageous prices.
but after some thought, i figured, it IS fair to ask for SOMETHING in exchange for the time and energy, so...why not offer my services?

i am offering readings online for the following prices:
for $3:
The Love Horseshoe: Based on the Horseshoe spread, only concerning Love. The horse shoe spread consists of 7 cards. They represent the past, present, influences, obstacles, expectations, best course of action and possible outcomes.
The Work Horseshoe: Based on the Horseshoe spread, only concerning Work. The horse shoe spread consists of 7 cards. They represent the past, present, influences, obstacles, expectations, best course of action and possible outcomes.

for $5:
The Zodiac Spread: The cards represent the twelve zodiac signs as follows. Card one: Aries, which is life and health. Card two: Taurus, which is finances. Card three: Gemini, short journeys, family, and your learning. The fourth card is Cancer, representing the person's mental state and inheritance. The fifth card is the zodiac symbol Leo; this represents children. Card number six is Virgo, which is for work and other professional matters. Card number seven is Libra for affection, love and marriage. Card number eight is Scorpio standing for dark things. The ninth card is Sagittarius for long journeys and serious traveling. The tenth card is for Aquarius, meaning your friends in life. And the twelfth card is Pisces for enemies, paradoxes and limitations in the person's life.
The 6 Month Spread: The 6 Month spread is a great Tarot layout that gives a good overview for a six month time period. Covering 7 different areas of life (The Self, What's Around You, Dreams & Wishes, What You Expect, What You Don't Expect, Nearer Future, Further Future), with 3 cards devoted to each category.

note: these will be done via e-mail only, i can not afford phone calls. once payment via PAYPAL has cleared, i will do the reading, and get back to you the next day with the details via e-mail. for basic readings, i will relay card meanings only. for specific questions, i will give card meanings, plus my personal take on the reading. i will always be available for questions, of course, if things need clarification. please note also, personal details are not necessary unless you feel comfortable. while i am trained in therapy, i am not a licensed therapist and therefor can not help beyond divination.
i will need, if i do not know you personally, your first name and a photo of yourself (so i know who to visualize before i cut the cards).
there will be no refunds, since it is so cheap. there is always risk in divination that things are unclear, or there are no answers that currently make sense. it's up to you to make the decision if the money is worth the risk. to compensate for this, i will offer a second reading free of charge at a later date.

so, how is this done?
e-mail me who you are and what you want. i will send you the details for payment, and then we go from there...sound good?

please pass this on to anyone you might know who is in need of such services!

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April 9th, 2009

02:25 pm - Hi!
I'm kinda new to the Wiccan religion. As you can probably tell my Goddess is Hecate. I stumbled on this community looking Her up. Please share any ideas about rituals to honor Her. Blessed Be. 
Current Location: Pocatello library

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February 2nd, 2009

09:41 pm - A new member :)
I found this community by looking up my goddess' name, and I thought I would join it, and say hello. My Lady is Inanna - I celebrate her aspects in many forms. As lover, as warrior and soldier, as a goddess of men and women both. She is a bright goddess of many things...I know she has a link to all of the gods of Venus :)

Maybe there are not many men here, but I am one of them who is called by the Goddess. It has been this way most of my life. Are there others who follow her here?

The picture I use is one I have found that I like. She wears all of her garments as King and Lady both, which is maybe why she called to me when I was young.
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December 12th, 2008

10:56 am - my mother moon

Hi. I've been looking for a place to discuss spirituality and the goddess, so this looks like a good place to begin.

I grew up in a very christian home (protestant, strongly charismatic/evangelical), where of course the female side of god is not talked about. They may say god is gender neutral, or throw out a few passages about the nurturing side of god, but it is all 'He He He.'

One night about ten years ago I was talking a walk down a lonely highway, away from all lights and noise, out in the country. I looked up at the moon and was so overwhelmed I actually knelt down and promised to serve it. 'Her' hadn't entered my thoughts yet, but ever since then I've been magnetized to the moon. I have never really told anyone about this experience, christians like to talk about moon worship as a horrible ancient practice (along with all the other bad gods they demolished), so I felt that I had done something secretly wrong but unavoidable. She's the Goddess, I couldn't help it. It was a connection I desperately needed at that time, although I barely understood why I did it then.

After trying to stick it out with christianity for about five more years, trying to be good enough, I finally began to let go and allow myself to be different and to leave it. I found a book called The Dance of the Dissonant Daughter, by Sue Monk Kidd, that cemented (and well, plain allowed) my commitment to the goddess. (Kidd was a southern Baptist who began to clue into a more feminine spirituality through her writing of The Secret Life of Bees and The Mermaid Chair and now incorporates Mary and other goddesses into her spirituality) 

Now I pray to the goddess, but at the same time, I often feel far from her. My own relationship with my mother has been difficult, with abuse and codependency. I want a loving mother but can hardly even begin to imagine one for myself, or allow myself to experience a true mother's love. I don't know how to feel safe in such a relationship. (and I certainly don't feel safe with the notion of an all male 'father god' either!! My family's version of christianity was all about giving myself away to prove my spiritual devotion and never feeling good enough) Diana is the goddess I love, but she seems cold.

I have not explored any formal types of goddess worship, such as wicca (past reading the wikipedia page!), I find any religion or set of beliefs at this point too overwhelming. I want it to be personal. I'm can be pretty common sense so I'm not too into things that make me feel ridiculous (case in point, look at charismatic church services!), I just want to feel a connection to the divine, to feel loved and accepted. By the mother goddess, by someone who acknowledges my unique femininess and power. I suppose my creativity and sexuality are also close to the heart of this issue.

Thanks for listening. (encouragement or ideas are certainly welcome, I don't know very much about any of this!) xx

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04:36 pm - Moon Rituals - a good night to do them!
Dear all

Those of you who are interested in full moon rituals, tonight the moon will be at it's closest point to earth during it's orbit. Being full, it will be a good night for rituals...

just thought it might be of some use to you! BBC Link to the article

Ebb x

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September 27th, 2008

09:10 pm - Lilith

I'm "Suddenly Seeking Lilith"
Sounds silly to say it that way, i know.
But i'm silly like that.

Anywho... if anyone has anything about Her
that they'd like to share, please do so.
Poems, art, etc.

If you want, you can see my journal for more details.
It may help express what i'm looking for.
Give you some "form".

Thank you in advance!


Current Mood: curiouscurious

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01:03 pm - [X-posted] DC Metro area: FSA's Mythical Journeys Reg Closing Tomorrow
I hope this posting is okay...I didn't see a rule against plugging events, but if this is too off-topic, I apologize and will delete! I thought this would be of particular interest to devotees of Aphrodite, Venus, Hathor, Oshun, Erzulie, Rada, etc.

A bit of a shameless plug for my sacred romance track at the Free Spirit Alliance's Mythical Journeys event this Columbus Day weekendCollapse )

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September 12th, 2008

11:22 am - Kumari
To believers, Nepal's child goddesses or Kumaris can bestow luck with a glance. But when these children grow up, returning to normal life is virtually impossible.

Girls selected as Kumaris must be aged between two and four and satisfy all the conditions of '32 perfections'. For a few short years, "all Nepalese people worship them" states one woman. But as soon as they experience their first menstruation, they lose their goddess status.

Watch Kumari - Living Goddess

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August 25th, 2008

04:35 pm
how many of you are familiar with the life and work of Shekinah Mountainwater?

did you read Ariadne's Thread?

what did you think about it?

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August 1st, 2008

05:18 pm - The Phoenix Feathers

I am currently looking for contributors for a new e-zine called The Phoenix Feathers. We are looking for people who would like to write about their chosen earth based religion and see it published on a new online community forum.

Do you enjoy writing? Are you Pagan? Are you Heathen? Are you Wiccan? Have you ever considered publishing your work? Do you attend a regular drum circle, or meditation circle? Do you have artwork that you would like to share with the community to gain exposure? Tell us about it!

We are looking for contributors who are willing to publish informative articles about their angels, guides, matrons, patrons, ritual formats, and experiences. We are also seeking people to do reviews of local drum circles, concerts, public rituals, festivals, etc.

All Submissions and Inquiries can be sent to


x-posted to all of my pagan groups

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